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We want what you want. And you want what your customers or users want. We take great care to collaborate with you in delivering a customized experience to enable you to reach your customers effectively and easily, and allow your customers to quickly find the information or get the use they need from your website or app.


Our view of complexity is that it was not designed well enough. Anything worth building can be built in a concise, simple manner that is easy and even enjoyable to use and look at. We love simplicity, and that is why you will not find unnecessary complexities in our code or your website design.


Because of our love of precision and simplicity, we are able to deliver a fully customized experience that is easy to use and has lightning fast load times on every app we build. Your customers will not have to wait on slow load times, or be frustrated by a website that is hard to use. Everything will work, and everything will work very well. We do not give up until we have squashed all of those little pesty bugs that make things annoying.

Our goal is to provide a simple solution to every problem, because with careful planning, any problem can be simplified, dealt with, and turned into an advantage rather than an obstacle. Your customers will love your new site or app, and your business will grow because of it.

Founded in 2014, TheLightMedia was born to bring an affordable means of establishing a web presence to the table. I love website design and development (although more so the development), and seek to use it to help others establish a platform for success. Allow me to be a part of yours. Feel free to view my portfolio or contact me!